Terms of Enrolment
You and your family are very important to us. We strive to build a good relationship between all children, their families and Lyminge pre-school staff based on trust.

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Lyminge pre-school’s aims.

Lyminge pre-school aims to provide high quality care, education and support for all children attending our setting. It is our aim to ensure the well-being of each child is well supported. We will work in close partnership with parents and carers to help children learn and develop in their own individual way. Lyminge pre-school will offer a service which promotes equality and greatly values diversity. The pre-school will at all times operate within the guidelines as defined by OFSTED whilst prioritising the safety and welfare of the children in our care above all else. We believe that the children will learn and develop best when they feel happy and secure and at Lyminge pre-school we strive to make this happen at all times.

What can I expect from Lyminge pre-school?

You can expect the pre-school to carry out its duties in a highly professional manner at all times. For your child to be cared for by members of staff whom are highly qualified and have a love of children. This care will take place in a stimulating and safe environment. You can also expect your child’s emotional, physical and developmental needs to be well catered for in a sensitive and caring manner. We will promote British values. Staff are forward thinking and strive to keep up to date through personal development and training. We will always share any concerns we have regarding your child development and wellbeing with you.

Arrivals and departures.

Lyminge pre-school can only accept responsibility for a child when they have been signed in by a member of the management team. Similarly, at the end of your child’s session a member of the management team will sign your child out and then they will become your responsibility again.  The front door is locked and a member of the management team will be on the door to let parents in and out. Parents must not let themselves out of the building at any time. Pre-school staff will be in the hall ready to welcome your child for their session.

Settling in.

 This can be an emotional time for both children and parents. We have found from experience that a number of short settling in hour sessions in advance to your child starting with us can be beneficial. We do not have a strict number as we really feel it depends on the child’s needs. It is not unusual for a child to appear unhappy when they are initially being left, though once you leave them their distress rarely last more than a few minutes. Pre-school staff are able to distract and engage the children beautifully. You can feel assured that if your child shows any undue distress we will always contact you. We will then advise you on an alternative settling in approach. We are always happy for parents to ring us at any point during their child’s session to check in on their child’s wellbeing. Please don’t sit and worry give us a call.

Key person.

Your child will be allocated a Key person who will introduce themselves to you. This key person will be responsible for keeping you up to date with your child’s progress. Staff use an online system called Baby’s Days and your child’s key person will upload photographs and complete observations on your child through this system. We would encourage parents to do the same at home. Parents are able to private message their child’s key person using Baby’s Days under the communication icon. There is a Baby’s day’s app that can be download onto any tablet or smart phone. If you require any support to navigate the Baby’s Days system, we would happily book you an appointment with your child’s key person.  Your child will have an appointed secondary key person whom will look after their wellbeing during time when their key person is not at the setting. Your child will have a named tray located in the hall where his/her work will be placed along with important letters.

Who can collect my child from pre-school?

We will accept any nomination from you as long as you let us know in advance. We operate a password system. We will not release any child into the care of any person that has not been authorised by you and whom does not know the password. Please do advise the member of staff on the door if it will be somebody different collecting your child. Please also ensure that the person collecting has your password.

If my child has an injury will I be told?

Yes, if your child receives an injury, no matter how minor you will always be told. Injuries are recorded on our online system Baby's Days. The nature of the incident will be outlined alongside the treatment given and you will be asked to sign the accidnet form. If the injury is of a more serious nature we will of course make every effort to contact you, your emergency contacts and we will seek help if the need arises.


Each morning we have a rolling snack bar. Our snack bar consists of a selection of fruit, buttered toast along with milk or water to drink. Your children will help prepare snack, they will serve themselves and then wash up the items they have used. In the afternoon we will offer your children breadsticks and raisins accompanied by a drink of water. Water is also available to the children throughout the day.

All children with special dietary requirements will be accommodated.

Lunch time is a very social occasions, at Lyminge pre-school children will sit next to their peers at table clothed tables. All children staying for lunch will require a pack lunch. This may be a cold or hot lunch; all staff have received food hygiene training and we are able to heat meals if you require us to. We would encourage you to send in a healthy packed lunch for your child. We insist that all small rounded items such as grapes, cherry tomatoes and olives be cut in a horizontal fashion. We also request that pack lunches do not contain any whole nuts or sweets.


Children are always encouraged to join in with every activity we have on offer. In having fun your child may very well get messy. We ask that all child come with a named bag contain a change of clothes. We would ask that you do not send your child to pre-school in clothing that you would not want to get messy.

We make use of our extensive garden throughout the pre-school year. Therefore, in winter you child will require a hat, gloves and a winter coat. During the summer we ask that all children come in with sun cream applied, staff will then top up suncream after lunch and when needed throughout the pre-school day. Your children will also require a sun hat.


Parents are required to supply nappies and wipes for their child in a named bag. 


Lyminge pre-school is required by regulations not to admit or retain children while they are ill. This is to prevent cross infection with other children. Should your child develop symptoms of illness whilst at pre-school you will be informed immediately. We will request that you collect your child straight away and we will keep your child isolated until you arrive. If we are unable to contact you then your emergency contact will be informed. We have a no return policy of 48 hours for sickness and diarrhoea. This mean that your child cannot return to pre-school until 48 hours after the last episode of sickness or diarrhoea. We ask that you call the setting to notify us if your child is going to be absent, if we do not hear from you by 9:30am we will call you to ascertain the reason for absence.


Staff can only administer prescribed medication and only when parents have signed the medication record book and given clear administering instructions. Medication must be clearly labelled with the child’s name and must be prescribed by a medical practitioner. All medication must be handed to a member of the management team. Staff will not routinely administer Calpol. If your child requires Calpol we require you keep them at home.

Payment of Fees.

Invoices can be found on the Baby’s day’s system under the book keeping icon. Fees are paid one month is arrears. We require that invoices are paid in full promptly within one week of the invoice being created. Failure to pay your invoice promptly may result in your child’s place at Lyminge pre-school being terminated except for children accessing their FEE. Lyminge pre-school will always take action to recover unpaid fees. If you are having difficulty paying your fees please speak to a member of the management team. Fees can be paid by child care voucher, cash or bank transfer. If paying by cash please ensure you give this to a member of the management team who will then write you a receipt.

Do you have policies and procedures?

Yes, we do. You can access all of our policies and procedures on the Baby’s Days system. You will also our policy and procedure file on the parents table by the front door. If you require assistance or further information about any of our policies or procedures please see a member of the management team.

What does Lyminge pre-school do with my personal information?

Lyminge pre-school adheres to all GPDR regulations. Your information is treated as highly confidential and will only be used to assist us with the care of your child. It is vital for your child’s wellbeing that your contact details and that of your emergency contacts are kept accurate and up to date. Your records are not shown to any other party and when you leave Lyminge pre-school they will be destroyed after the designated period of time. There may however be circumstances where information is shared with other professionals and/or agencies without your consent.


We require a full terms notice to terminate or reduce your child's FEE sessions at Lyminge Pre-School. If you wish to reduce your child's wrap around/chargeable sessions we will require 4 weeks notice.


In the event that you are concerned or unhappy regarding any aspect of the pre-school service please speak to the settings manager. If the settings manager is unavailable please speak to the deputy manager who will book an appointment for you with the settings manager at the earliest opportunity. Our complaints policy provides further guidance and is available on the Baby’s day’s system and in the policy folder on the parents table by the front door.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this information sheet. Agreement to these terms of enrolment are assumed in good faith when you accept and take up a place at Lyminge pre-school.