Welcome Back!

Dear Families old and new,

The staff at Lyminge Pre-school would like to warmly welcome you back after the long summer break on Monday the 2nd of September.

Our Topic for Term one is

‘All about me and my family’.

Each week we will focus on a different book, planning for the setting will also be focused on the book of the week. It would be wonderful if you could share these books at home with your children too, maybe the local library will have a copy.

The books are as follows:

03/09 – The Rainbow Fish

09/09 – My Grandpa is amazing

16/09 – Same, Same but Different

23/09 – Monkey Puzzle

30/09 – What’s in your tummy Mummy?

07/10 – When I Grow Up!

14/10 – My Granma is wonderful.
 The staff have been very busy planning for the new school year. They work very hard to provide your children with the very best opportunities. At Lyminge pre-school we ensure every child feels happy and secure thus enabling them to learn and reach their full potential during the short time they are with us. We very much look forward to working with you throughout this new school year. Don’t forget you can also put achievements, observations and photographs onto the Baby’s Days system.

Fruit and Vegetable Bowl
Please Don’t forgot to bring some fruit and vegetables in for all the children to enjoy at snack time!

National Food Bank Day

On Friday 6th September it is National Food Bank Day and as a Pre-School we would like to contribute.

Starting from this Monday we will have a collection box in the entrance of Pre-School we would be truly grateful if each family could make a donation. (Long life items only)

Do you need to update the details we have for you and your child?

Please do let us know of any changes in personal details that have taken place during the long summer break. Please ensure we have correct contact numbers for you and any emergency contacts we hold for your child.

Please do call us if your child is not going to be in for their session.


Any Parent/Carers wanting to use “Free for Two” (FF2), “Universal” or “Extended” Funding for the Autumn Term MUST see/speak to Karen before Friday 13th September, to sign your funding form, otherwise you could miss out.

Sustainable Development

As a setting we will be working towards gaining the “Sustainable Development Award”

We will be working through the 17 Global Goals, teaching the children about how we can make the world a better place.

To start this off this term we will be looking at number 17 - Global Action. We will be learning about how the climate has an impact on the world. Measuring climate change for example weather watching and making a weather station.

Half Term- Extended Hours/ Holiday Club
The last day of Term one is Friday 18th October. We will then be running our extended hours during the October half term; this must be booked as places are limited and is not covered by any form of funding. You will receive an email nearer to the October half term reminding you of the upcoming extended hours and to inform you that booking is now open


We will be continuing with our Phonics station. Each week we have a letter of the week. We sing a song to practice the sound with an accompanying action.

It would be great if you could practice our Jolly Phonics songs at home. You will find the print outs by the entrance with details of the song your children will be learning. Songs can also be looked up on You Tube under Jolly Phonics. This term we will be focusing on the letters S, A, T, P, I, N and M.
 Healthy Eating

We recently changed our Healthy eating Policy (Attached) and Setting changes to Healthy Eating, we have made a helpful Top Tips for a Healthy Packed Lunch (attached) for parents/carers and also a “STAR OF THE WEEK” for a child whose lunchbox has shown our Setting’s approach to healthy eating. The child will then receive a certificate and sticker to take home.                  We hope this would also be a supportive strategy for parents/carers whose children may find trying new food or healthier options a challenge.

Air Ambulance

Help keep your crisp packs out of landfill and in the process, help raise money for the Air Ambulance!

All you need to do is bring your empty crisp packs into Pre-School and drop them in our collect box.

Toilet Train

We have a number of children who need help with toileting. This may be just a reminder to “go”, help with sitting on the toilet or help with wiping.

Every half an hour we make a virtual toilet train, where we gather any children needing a little toileting assistance, we line up and then pretend we’re an old Steam Train and choo-choo our way to the toilet. This makes it a fun experience and helps to remind the children as well as support them.

If there are any parents who would like us to help support their child in toileting please let your Key Person know

*General Reminders*

*Please can all clothing and Tupperware be labelled.
*Please speak to your Key Person regularly about any changes at home or any achievements your child has made. Even small changes can have an effect on behaviour or mood.

* Please don’t forget we would like all children to have a labelled water bottle with them.

This is so the children can have access to a drink throughout the day.

We will continue with our Drinking Station in the Hall for the bottles.

* Please ensure your child's lunch box is balanced and healthy.
If your child has an item that will require heating for lunch, please put it inside our hot lunch basket. Which will be labelled and placed next to our lunch box station. (We do not reheat rice).
*To reduce the risk of choking no

whole grapes, cherry tomatoes, olives or maltsters. These can cause a plug in a child's throat. If you cut fruit then please cut them length ways and grapes into four quarter strips.


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We are all super excited to welcoming the children on Monday 2nd September.

Best Wishes

The Lyminge Pre-School Team