Lyminge Pre-School's

                          February 2020 Newsletter

Your child's Key person has been working hard on planning activities to support your child's learning and development. All children spend time each day with their Key person or Secondary Key person and are involved in planned activities. Your child's key person will adapt all activities to suit the needs of the individual child. Your children’s individual Next Steps can be found on Baby’s Days (please ask if you’re not sure where to find these.) 

Last term our theme was occupations and the children enjoyed a number of different activities as well as having a number of special visitors such as paramedics, fire fighters and police officers. We even managed to squeeze in a trip to the library.

Wow what a term!

This term our theme will be The Great Outdoors!

To continue with theming our weeks around a "Book of the Week", here are the books we will be reading and basing our activities on this term.

W/C 24/02/20 – Listen, Listen

W/C 02/03/20 – SUPERWORM

W/C 09/03/20 – The Giant Turnip

W/C 16/03/20 – The Hungry Caterpillar

W/C 23/03/20 – We're Going on a Bear Hunt 

W/C 30/03/20 – Percy's Friends - The Rabbitt

Easter Parade 

We would like to welcome all parents, carers. grandparents, aunties and uncles to this year’s Easter Parade. Which will be held on Wednesday 25th March at 10 o’clock.

So, now's the time to get creative! Each child is asked to make an Easter Bonnet with you at home, be as imaginative as you like! We would also like to invite the children to dress up for the occasion; farm animals, princesses or even super heroes with an Easter hat would be fabulous.

During our parade the children will be showing off their masterpieces in front of all the parents, they will sing a few Easter themed songs before moving into the garden for an Easter egg hunt.

Gordon the Gorilla

This term your child may be fortunate enough to come home with our preschool friend Gordon the Gorilla! Each week Gordon will come home with a different child to visit for the weekend. We will be grateful if you could fill in the book so we can show all of the other children the following week what Gordon has been up to on his holidays! Remind your children to model their best behaviour in front of Gordon as he is very young and still learning how to be a good gorilla.

Half Term- Extended Hours/ Holiday Club

We will be running our Extended Hours/Holiday Club from Thursday 2nd April to Thursday 9th April.

 Please book in as early as you can, spaces are limited and fill up fast! Please be aware we can only run Holiday Club if we have enough children to cover the costs of the day.

A reminder that we are closed from Friday 10th April to Wednesday 15th April due to the Easter weekend. Term 5 will commence on Thursday 16th April.


Thank you to everyone who has filled in our questionnaire we always appreciate your comments, feedback and suggestions.

Questionnaires are still available at the front desk for those who haven’t had a chance to fill one in yet.


Our Jolly Phonics sounds from last term were:

h, b, f/FF, l/LL, j, and v.

This term, they are: v, w, x, y, z and qu.

Phase 1 Phonics focuses on listening to the sounds in our environment, rhyming and alliteration.

Children need to be able to identify these sounds first before they are able to go on to identifying sounds in words. 

There are many ways you can help your children with their learning of phonics at home, some being, learning the Jolly Phonics songs and actions at home, playing games such as sound lotto, rhyming pairs, I spy.

Can you and your child find any items around the house beginning with these sounds and take a picture to show our friends at circle time or you could have a go at creating silly rhyming names for each other in the house. 

Sounding out words when in conversation with your children such as, can you pass me the c-u-p and

making sure your child can recognise their name is very important. Especially those who are transitioning to school soon.



During Term 3 Staff have taken part in lots of training including:

  • Training for the Special Educational Needs Coordinator
  • Paediatric First Aid
  • Emotional Regulation – Support children with their emotions and behaviour


This Term Staff will be taking part in even more training such as

  • Advanced Training for the Special Educational Needs Coordinator
  • Global Action
  • Parent Child Attachment Play

Gift Tree

Our Gift Tree has been restocked!

This term our theme will be The Great Outdoors and you will see that our gift tags link with our theme. As always, we would be so grateful for any donations, simply take a tag and pop it into the jar once you have chosen what you would like to gift us.

A huge thank-you to you all for always being so kind and generous we really appreciate your support


Online Safety 

Today most children tend to know more about computers and tablet than their parents. So, it is important for adults to be aware of the dangers to even small children on line, and what we can all do, at home and at school, to keep them safe.

You should start talking to your child about keeping safe online at an early age. It’s easier to have conversations about online safety little and often, rather than trying to cover everything at once.

For more information go to:

Air Ambulance!

Help keep your crisp packs out of landfill and in the process, help raise money for the Air Ambulance! All you need to do is bring your empty crisp packs into Pre-School and drop them in our collection box.

Dates for your diary

Monday 24th February  - Start of Term 4

Wednesday 25th March - Easter Parade - 10 o'clocl

Wednesday 1st April - End of Term 4

Thursday 2nd April - Thursday 9th April - Extended hours

Friday 10th April - Wednesday 15th April - CLOSED for Easter

Thursday 16th April - Start of Term 5

Friday 8th May - CLOSED for the bank holiday

Fruit and Vegetable Bowl

Thank you so much for all your contributions so far! Please can we ask you to continue to donate a piece of fruit or veg each week

*General Reminders* 

*Please can all clothing and Tupperware be labelled.
*Please speak to your Key Person regularly about any changes at home or any achievements your child has made. Even small changes can have an effect on behaviour or mood.

* Please don’t forget we would like all children to have a labelled water bottle with them.

This is so the children can have access to a drink throughout the day.

We will continue with our Drinking Station in the Hall for the bottles.

* Please ensure your child's lunch box is balanced and healthy.
If your child has an item that will require heating for lunch, please put it inside our hot lunch basket. Which will be labelled and placed next to our lunch box station. (We do not reheat rice).
*To reduce the risk of choking no
whole grapes, cherry tomatoes, olives or Maltesers These can cause a plug in a child's throat. If you cut fruit then please cut them length ways and grapes into four quarter strips.

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We look forward to welcoming you back for the start of term 4 on Monday 24th February