April 2019 Newsletter




Another humongous THANK – YOU to the local company Bigjigs, for all the amazing raffle prices they donated to us for our Easter Parade and always bringing us lovely new toys for the children to enjoy. We really are so grateful and thankful!


We are super excited to announce we will be holding another Family Fun Run this year with lots of other amazing activities for all the family including and I spy trail, obstacle course, treasure hunt, face painting and lots more. 

Date to be confirmed very soon!

 Policy of the Term


Our policy for last term was

Missing Child


Our policy this term is Healthy Eating!


Please don’t forget to sign all our Policies and Permissions on Baby’s Days.


Toilet Train

We have a number of children who need help with toileting. This may be just a reminder to “go”, help with sitting on the toilet or help with wiping.

Every half an hour we make a virtual toilet train, where we gather any children needing a little toileting assistance, we line up and then pretend we’re an old Steam Train and choo-choo our way to the toilet. This makes it a fun experience and helps to remind the children as well as support them.

If there are any parents who would like us to help support their child in toileting please let your Key Person know.


Dates for your diary


Tuesday 23rd April –

Start of Term


Thursday 2nd May - Polling Day Pre-School closed


Monday 6th May – Closed Bank Holiday Monday


Friday 24th May – End of Term


Monday 27th May – Closed Bank Holiday Monday


Tuesday 28th May – Friday 31st May – Extended Hours


Monday 3rd June -Start of Term


Wednesday 10th July - Sport’s day (Finished by 1 o’clock Exact Times TBC nearer event.)


Friday 19th July – Leavers Party (Exact time TBC nearer event.)

Your Child's Key person has been working hard on planning activities to support your child's learning and development. All children spend time each day with their Key person or Secondary Key person and are involved in planned group activities. Your child's key person will adapt all activities to suit the needs of the individual child. Your children’s individual Next Steps can be found on Baby’s Days (please ask if you’re not sure where to find these.) Afternoon planning and weekly planning can be found on our big red planning board in the hall.

Last term our theme was Being Healthy.

The children have enjoyed some great activities such as making tomato soup, making healthy biscuits, learning about what is good and bad for our teeth and growing our own cress!

     This term our theme is

Superhero’s and Princess!
To continue with theming our weeks around a "Book of the Week" here are the books we will be reading and basing our activities on this term:

W/C 23rd of April – SUPERWORM!

W/C 29h of April – The Princess and the Wizard

W/C 6th of May – SUPERTATO

W/C 13th of May – ZOG and the flying Doctors

W/C 20th of May – SUPERTATO Veggies Assemble


*NEW* Dropping Off & Picking Up *NEW*

As you all know we are a very flexible Pre-School making sure we fit around family life and work schedules. However, recently we have noticed drop off and pick up times have become less structured, with families arriving later or earlier than the times. This has meant that Nursery practitioners are coming away from the valuable learning with the children that are already in. Please can I remind parents drop off time is 9:00am, unless you have booked your child into breakfast club. We don’t mind a few early birds, but after 9:00am we need all children to be at the setting for the day to run effectively for your children.

Please also make sure on pick up you are arriving on time:

12, 1 or 3.

We understand that sometimes things happen and you can’t help being late and this of course is fine. We do run our Pre-School with daytime routines so if you are after these times, it can affect the flow of the day.


Water Bottles

Please don’t forget we would like all children to have a labelled water bottle with them.

This is so the children can have access to a drink throughout the day.

 We will continue with our Drinking Station in the Hall for the bottles. 


Fees & Funding  

REMINDER our fees have now gone up to £5.25p per hour.

Any Parent/Carers wanting to use “Free for Two” (FF2), “Universal” or “Extended” Funding for the Summer Term MUST see/speak to Karen before Friday 3rd May, to sign a funding form, otherwise you could miss out.

Please can all fees from the previous billed month be paid by the 15th of the following month. (for example- April’s invoices should be cleared by 15th May and so on) If you are having any problems viewing the invoices on Baby’s Days or need more time to pay, please speak to Karen.

           Half Term- Extended Hours/ Holiday Club
We will be running our Extended Hours/Holiday Club from Tuesday 28th April to Friday 31st May. Please book in as early as you can, spaces are limited and fill up fast! Please be aware we can only run Holiday Club if we have enough children to cover the costs of the day.

A reminder that we are closed on Monday 27th due to it being Bank Holiday Monday.

Term 6 will commence on Monday 3rd June.

We will be running Summer Holiday extended hours for Monday 22nd July to Friday 16th August please book now to avoid disappointment.

A reminder that we are closed from Monday 19th August to Friday 30th August so that the staff can have a well needed break and we can give the Pre-School a freshen up for the start of the new school year.


Lyminge Pre-School Committee

Did you know Lyminge Pre-School is a registered Charity?

We are run by an amazing Committee of volunteers and rely on parents to make up the majority of the members.

*We are currently looking for brilliant parents/carers to join our team! If you are interested please come and speak to one of our Team. *


*General Reminders* 

*Please can all clothing and Tupperware be labelled. We gave loads of lost property clothing to a local charity shop last term as unnamed clothes were not claimed.
*Please speak to your Key Person regularly about any changes at home or any achievements your child has made. Even small changes can have an effect on behaviour or mood.

*As Summer is well on its way, please ensure your child it dressed appropriately. Your child will need a sun hat (NAMED) to be able to use the outdoor space as the weather gets warmer.

*We ask all children to be sun creamed using a

24 hour sun cream before arriving at Pre-School.

 * Please ensure your child's lunch box is balanced and healthy.
If your child has an item that will require heating for lunch, please put it inside our hot lunch basket. Which will be labelled and placed next to our lunch box station.
*To reduce the risk of choking no

 whole grapes, cherry tomatoes, olives or Maltesers. These can cause a plug in a child's throat. If you cut fruit then please cut them length ways and grapes into four quarter strips.

We always include Letters and Sounds Phase one Phonics and Jolly Phonics into our planning.

Each week we have had a sound of the week, where we introduce it through singing a song alongside an action.

Phase 1 Phonics focuses on listening to the sounds in our environment, rhyming and alliteration. Children need to be able to identify these sounds first before they are able to go on to identifying sounds in words. These are the first essential steps in their development which will help future development in all areas of their learning.

This term we will be learning the sounds

f, i, j, v, w, and x.


There are many ways you can help your children with their learning of phonics at home, some being, learning the Jolly Phonics songs and actions at home, playing games such as sound lotto, rhyming matching pairs and I spy.

Also sounding out words when in conversation with your children such as, can you pass me the c-u-p.

Making sure your child can recognise their name is very important. Especially those who are transitioning to school soon.


Fruit and Vegetable Bowl
Thank you so much for all your contributions last term! Please can we ask you to continue to donate a piece of fruit or veg each week!


During Term 3 Staff have taken part in lots of training including:
*Bring on the Boys


*Well – Being and Involvement

*Unlocking OUTSTANDING potential




This Term staff will be taking part in even more training such as


*How Language Development and Interactions Impact Early Years

*Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning.